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June 25-27 2024 • San Francisco

The Biggest Technical AI conference in San Francisco

Where the leading companies, founders, software engineers, & AI Engineers meet. Featuring an Expo floor showcasing 25+ companies pioneering the AI Engineering landscape, and over 100+ speakers delivering talks and workshops across 9 tracks.

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1500+Founders, Builders, & AI Engineers
0+Talks from Engineers & Founders
0+In-depth Workshops & Discussions
0+Innovative Expo Partners

From the team behind the
AI Engineer Summit

Where we featured talks & workshops from top companies including:

  • OpenAI
  • Amazon
  • Replit
  • Anthropic
  • Github
  • Vercel
  • Llama Index
  • Hex
  • LangChain
  • Supabase
  • DataStax
  • Notion

The AI Engineer World's Fair
is the event to discover what's now and
What's Next

Talks from Engineers Who Ship
Talks from Engineers Who Ship

No theoretical promissory hooplah. Just engineers and founders on the cutting edge of AI Engineering, sharing their knowledge.

Cutting-edge Expo
Cutting-edge Expo

AI Engineering moves fast. Meet the engineers & founders behind the companies who are innovating at the edge of what's possible -- and building a better future.

Facilitated Discussions with Inspiring Peers
Facilitated Discussions with Inspiring Peers

The hallway track is buzzing with AI Engineers & founders. Every conversation you have -- facilitated with moderators or open -- is ensure to educate & inspire.

In-depth Workshops
In-depth Workshops

We've curated over 20 workshops for you to choose from, servicing everyone from experienced engineers just starting with AI Engineering, to experienced AI engineers looking to get an edge on the competition.

Algorithmic Networking
Algorithmic Networking

Get matched with people we (er, our algo) thinks will provide you with value. Refine your results by adding more information to your profile.

The Nerdiest Fun You Can Have
The Nerdiest Fun You Can Have

Stimulation for your brain, inspiration for your soul, education for your business. And excellent food to power you through the excitement!

World Class Speakers

With 10 tracks and over 100 sessions, you can design the program schedule that perfectly matches your business needs.

  • Atty Eleti

    Atty Eleti

    Software Engineer , Open AI

  • Chris Lattner

    Chris Lattner

    CEO, Modular

  • Justine Tunney

    Justine Tunney

    OSS Lead, Mozilla

  • Thomas Dohmke

    Thomas Dohmke

    CEO, Github

  • Michelle Pokrass

    Michelle Pokrass

    Engineering Lead, OpenAI

  • Keynote TBA

    Keynote TBA


  • Sandra Kublik

    Sandra Kublik


  • Daniel Han

    Daniel Han

    CEO, Unsloth AI

  • Scott Wu

    Scott Wu

    CEO, Cognition (Devin)

  • Aman Sanger

    Aman Sanger

    Co-founder, Anysphere (Cursor)

  • Beyang Liu

    Beyang Liu

    CTO, Sourcegraph

  • Antje Barth

    Antje Barth

    Generative AI, AWS

  • Logan Kilpatrick

    Logan Kilpatrick

    Product Lead, Google AI Studio

  • Ahmed Menshawy

    Ahmed Menshawy

    Vice President of AI Engineering, Mastercard

  • Ankur Goyal

    Ankur Goyal

    Founder and CEO, Braintrust

  • Arjun Bansal

    Arjun Bansal

    CEO & Co-founder, Log10

  • Emil Eifrem

    Emil Eifrem

    Co-founder & CEO, Neo4j

  • Atita Arora

    Atita Arora

    Solution Architect, Qdrant

  • Benjamin Stein

    Benjamin Stein

    CEO, Perpetual AI

  • Stephen Hood

    Stephen Hood

    Open Source AI Lead, Mozilla

  • Scott Stephenson

    Scott Stephenson

    Co-founder and CEO, Deepgram

  • swyx


    Latent.Space &

  • Daniel Whitenack

    Daniel Whitenack

    Founder and CEO, Prediction Guard

  • Danielle Perszyk

    Danielle Perszyk

    Cognitive Scientist, Adept

  • Thierry Moreau

    Thierry Moreau

    Co-Founder, OctoAI

  • Dominik Kundel

    Dominik Kundel

    Head of Product & Design, Emerging Tech & Innovation, Twilio

  • Eno Reyes

    Eno Reyes


  • Eugene Yan

    Eugene Yan

    Senior Applied Scientist, Amazon

  • Jamie Turner

    Jamie Turner

    Co-founder & CEO, Convex

  • Fryderyk Wiatrowski

    Fryderyk Wiatrowski

    Co-founder, Zeta Labs

  • Greg Baugues

    Greg Baugues

    Founder, HaiHai Labs

  • Gunjan Patel

    Gunjan Patel

    Director of Engineering, Palo Alto Networks

  • Hamel Husain

    Hamel Husain

    AI Engineer, Parlance Labs

  • Aparna Dhinkaran

    Aparna Dhinkaran

    Founder and Chief Product Officer, Arize AI

  • Hubert Misztela

    Hubert Misztela

    AI Researcher/ Director Data Science, Novartis

  • Ian Webster

    Ian Webster

    Senior Staff Software Engineer, Discord

  • Ishan Anand

    Ishan Anand

    VP Product, Edgio

  • Jenn Gamble

    Jenn Gamble

    Founding Head of Data Science , Distyl AI

  • Jeronim Morina

    Jeronim Morina

    Senior MLOps Engineer/Co-Founder, AXA & Bloomed AI

  • João Moura

    João Moura

    Founder & CEO, crewAI

  • Kyle Corbitt

    Kyle Corbitt

    Founder & CEO, Openpipe

  • Kevin Van Gundy

    Kevin Van Gundy

    CEO, Hypermode

  • Cheng Lou

    Cheng Lou


  • Manuel Odendahl

    Manuel Odendahl

    Principal Engineer, The Tree Center

  • Maxime Labonne

    Maxime Labonne

    Senior Staff Machine Learning Scientist, Liquid AI

  • Morgante Pell

    Morgante Pell

    CEO, Grit

  • Nikhil Thota

    Nikhil Thota

    Member of Technical Staff, Perplexity AI

  • Pankaj Gupta

    Pankaj Gupta

    Co-Founder, Baseten

  • Patrick Debois

    Patrick Debois

    VP Engineering, Jedi

  • Paul Henry

    Paul Henry

    Founder & CEO, BotDojo

  • Philip Kiely

    Philip Kiely

    Head of Developer Relations, Baseten

  • Phlo Young

    Phlo Young

    Marketer, Young Phlo

  • Phoebe Klett

    Phoebe Klett

    Machine Learning Engineer, Normal Computing

  • Ryan Fox-Tyler

    Ryan Fox-Tyler

    SVP of Products and Engineering, Hypermode

  • Rémi Louf

    Rémi Louf

    CEO, .txt (Outlines)

  • Emil Sedgh

    Emil Sedgh

    CTO, Rechat

  • Shawn Jansepar

    Shawn Jansepar

    Director of Engineering, Learning & AI Platform, Khan Academy

  • Sheila Gulati

    Sheila Gulati

    Managing Director, Tola Capital

  • Shelby Heinecke

    Shelby Heinecke

    Senior AI Research Manager, Salesforce

  • Stefania Druga

    Stefania Druga

    Research Scientist, Google

  • Sumit Agarwal

    Sumit Agarwal

    CEO and Co-founder, Gather

  • Damien Murphy

    Damien Murphy

    Senior Applied Engineer, Deepgram

  • Tanmai Gopal

    Tanmai Gopal

    Cofounder & CEO, Hasura

  • Noah Hein

    Noah Hein

    Instructor, Latent Space University

  • Tom Redman

    Tom Redman

    Head of Developer Experience, Convex

  • Vasek Mlejnsky

    Vasek Mlejnsky

    CEO, E2B

  • Vibhor Kumar

    Vibhor Kumar

    AI Software Engineer - Trust & Safety, Tinder

  • Ben Flast

    Ben Flast

    Director, Product Management, MongoDB

  • Chang She

    Chang She

    CEO/Co-Founder, LanceDB

  • Olmo Maldonado

    Olmo Maldonado

    Sr. Engineer Backend, Zapier

  • Noah Shpak

    Noah Shpak

    Member of Technical Staff, Character.AI

  • Andreas Kolleger

    Andreas Kolleger

    Knowledge Engineer, Neo4j

  • Jerry Liu

    Jerry Liu

    Co-founder/CEO, LlamaIndex

  • Ben Perlmutter

    Ben Perlmutter

    Sr. Engineer, MongoDB

  • Alison Cossette

    Alison Cossette

    Data Science Advocate, Neo4j

  • Leo Pekelis

    Leo Pekelis

    Chief Scientist, Gradient AI

  • Peter Albert

    Peter Albert

    Co-Founder, Zeta Labs.

  • Zach Blumenfeld

    Zach Blumenfeld

    Product Specialist, Neo4j

  • Apoorva Joshi

    Apoorva Joshi

    Sr. AI Developer Advocate, MongoDB

  • Nicolai Baldin

    Nicolai Baldin

    CEO & Founder, Synthesized

  • Prakul Agarwal

    Prakul Agarwal

    Sr. Product Manager, Machine Learning, MongoDB

  • Nabila Babar

    Nabila Babar

    Principal PM Manager, Microsoft

  • Henry Weller

    Henry Weller

    Product Manager, MongoDB

  • Alex Volkov

    Alex Volkov

    AI Evangelist, Weights & Biases

  • Deanna Emery

    Deanna Emery

    Founding AI Researcher , Quotient AI

  • Marco Casalaina

    Marco Casalaina

    VP of Products, Microsoft

  • Sean Hughes

    Sean Hughes

    AI Ecosystem Director, ServiceNow

  • Fabian Valle

    Fabian Valle

    Sr. Engineer, MongoDB

  • Devendra Chaplot

    Devendra Chaplot

    Research Scientist, Mistral AI

  • Azul Garza

    Azul Garza

    CTO & Co-Founder, Nixtla

  • Pedro Torruella

    Pedro Torruella

    Sr. DevRel Engineer, OctoAI

  • Trey Doig

    Trey Doig

    CTO and Co-Founder, EchoAI

9 Tracks of Content

Our content tracks span they keynote stage, breakout stages, small group discussion sessions, expo sponsor presentations, and in-depth workshops. With so many tracks to choose from, you can design the perfect curriculum for yourself and your engineers.

At last year's Summit, OpenAI declared this the “Year of Multimodal AI”. Every frontier model now can consume and generate images, audio, video, code, and all other modalities in between. This opens up a brave new world of possibilities for putting even more general intelligence to work - we'll gather the best of 2024 to show off these capabilities!

Learn how to get GPUs and make them go brrr.

The AI Engineer Expo

From foundation models to domain-specific products & services, the Expo is your chance to meet some of the best engineers in our industry, working on the most cutting-edge technologies that empower product teams and developers like you.

MicrosoftAWSMongoDBGoogle Cloudneo4jSoursegraphDataStaxGalileoNeptune.aiLambdaOctoAICovalentHasuraCrusoeDeepgramWeights and BiasesTwilioAirtrainTrunk ToolsSubstrate BlackClericElasticMoveAIWriterDatabricksFriendliAI
In numbers, there's probably going to be significantly more AI Engineers than there are ML engineers / LLM engineers. One can be quite successful in this role without ever training anything.
Andrej Karpathy

Andrej Karpathy, Formerly OpenAI, Tesla

Program Overview

We've designed & curated a program to provide you with maximum value, intrigue, and fun. Here's the high level overview of the main content:

Workshop AttendeesWorkshop Attendees
/ Tue, June 25

Workshop Day + Evening Expo & Reception

Workshops - Exclusive to “Conference + Workshop Pass” ticketholders, choose from up to 5 different workshops available concurrently across various subjects and skill levels. Instructed by companies, founders, & engineers who are pushing the boundaries of AI Engineering.

Up to 5 different workshops will be available concurrently across various subjects and skill levels, assuring that you will find the content that will level up your skills, career, and business.

Welcome Reception - Open to all ticketholders, the evening welcome reception takes place from 4:00 - 7:00pm in the Grand Assembly & the Expo. Mingle with other attendees & sponsors over food and drinks, and take in some sessions from our top sponsors at their booths and in the expo session salons.

Conference SpeakerConference Speaker
/ June 26 - 27

Session Days

A full day of talks across 9 tracks, bookended with inspiring and revealing keynotes from the biggest and most consequential companies, founders, & engineers in the industry. Stay for the Pinecone Afterparty on June 26!

The most exciting and innovative expo of the year continues all day, with additional technical breakout sessions from our Gold and above sponsors.

Conference + Workshop Pass ticketholders also receive access to additional workshops on these days.

Group settingGroup setting
/ June 26 - 27

Leadership Track

Exclusive track for VPs & Execs. Purchase the VP Pass to get access to the exclusive leadership track where you'll get learn from & connect with highly experienced technical business leaders, along with facilitated sessions to share your knowledge in small group topical discussions with other engineering and business leaders.

Leadership Track Perks. This 300-person track comes with exclusive access to the VIP welcome reception on June 25th with speakers in the stunning View Lounge on top of the Marquis. Continue to enjoy 360-degree views of the city at the View Lounge as our buyout extends to June 26 & 27 for all-day networking, facilitated discussions, & a premium sit-down lunch.

There are roughly two orders of magnitude more software engineers than there are machine learning engineers. By building good tools, we think it is possible for AI Engineers to use machine learning in the same way they can use normal software.
Ben Firshman

Ben Firshman, Replicate

Venue & Hotel

The Marriott Marquis

Workshop Attendees

One of the largest hotels in the city, and conveniently located downtown near public transportation and plenty of cafes, restaurants, bars, and sights, the Marriott Marquis is an ideal choice to host the AI Engineer World's Fair.

The hotel's Yerba Buena Ballroom is the largest pillarless ballroom west of Las Vegas, and will serve as a centralized, comfortable location for keynotes, breakout sessions, the expo, networking, and food. One floor above is the Golden Gate Ballroom, serving as a dedicated space for workshops & breakout talks. Plenty of other salons and breakout rooms will serve as Expo Sessions and additional meeting space.

Workshop Attendees

View Lounge: VP Pass Exclusive

Attendees who purchase the VP pass get exclusive access to the leadership track, which utilizes the top-floor View Lounge as a VIP welcome reception on June 25th in addition to daytime facilitated discussions & open networking on the 26th and 27th.

Workshop Attendees

Hotel Rooms

We have limited hotel number of rooms at the Marquis available for a negotiated rate of $299. We also have a limited number of overflow hotel rooms at Hotel Nikko, a 7-minute walk away, for $229.

Book your hotel room today:


We've carefully curated a sponsor expo & non-exhibiting sponsors who are relevant, interesting, and pushing the boundaries of the AI Engineering ecosystem. These are the companies that are building & innovating with AI — from Devtools & Infra to Vector DBs and Models. Learn more about each of the companies by clicking on their logo below, and meet & discuss with their founders & engineering representatives at the summit to learn how they can help you take your company, product, and internal processes to unparalleled heights.

Presenting Sponsor
In this new era of AI, Microsoft is helping organizations unlock AI innovation in every business, in every app, for everyone. Microsoft Azure delivers AI services and supercomputing infrastructure purpose-built to meet the compute-intensive needs of AI and high-performance workloads. Our full stack AI solution meets the most stringent security, reliability and compliance requirements while providing exceptional performance, flexibility and cost efficiencies. Choose Microsoft Azure for your groundbreaking AI applications.
Innovation Partner
Scale the next wave of innovation in AI by leveraging more than 25 years of pioneering AI experience from Amazon. AWS makes AI accessible to more people - from builders and data scientists to business analysts and students. With the most comprehensive set of AI services, tools, and resources, AWS brings deep expertise to over 100,000 customers to meet the demands of their business and unlock the value of their data. Security, privacy, and responsible AI have never been more critical. Customers can build and scale with AWS on a foundation of privacy, end-to-end security, and AI governance to transform at an unprecedented rate.
Platinum Sponsors
MongoDBGoogle Cloudneo4j
Gold Sponsors
Silver Sponsors
DeepgramWeights and BiasesTwilioAirtrainTrunk ToolsSubstrate BlackClericElasticMoveAIWriterDatabricksFriendliAI

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* Expo sessions include talks, workshops, and facilitated discussions led by expo partners and organizer-curated speakers in the Expo Arena breakout rooms

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