Manuel Odendahl - LLMs for the working programmer. Become a 10x programming centaur today!

YBB Salons 2 - 6

CodeGen & Dev Tools: In this hands-on workshop, learn how Large Language Models (LLMs) can significantly improve your productivity as a software developer. Drawing from three years of experience using LLMs in every aspect of his work as a principal engineer, the presenter will share practical insights and techniques that go beyond simple prompts and off-the-shelf tools.

Through a series of interactive exercises and real-world examples, participants will learn how to:

  1. Combine classic design patterns, such as domain-specific languages and declarative programming, with transformer-based models
  2. Identify the most effective ways to use LLMs for writing software, beyond simply having them generate code
  3. Create systems that use LLMs to write software that instructs LLMs to write more software

This workshop is designed for engineers and professionals working in software-related fields who want to use LLMs to solve concrete problems and improve their workflow. Attendees will gain valuable insights and practical techniques that they can immediately apply to their projects, regardless of their current level of expertise with LLMs.

The presenter, a passionate advocate for "pragmatic programming" with LLMs, has made over 6,000 GitHub contributions using these models in the past year, achieving a high level of quality that demonstrates the technology's potential.

Manuel Odendahl

25-year software veteran specializing in embedded and systems programming. Heavy user of LLMs for day to day programming. Passionate about scalable, long-term solutions. Driven success in both companies and open-source projects.

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Manuel Odendahl
Manuel OdendahlPrincipal Engineer

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