Banjo Obayomi - Building with Generative AI on AWS: A Hands-On Starter


"Learn to build generative AI applications on AWS using PartyRock and Amazon Bedrock. You will gain skills in prompt engineering and using the Bedrock API. We will also explore how to 'chat with your documents' through knowledge bases, retrieval augmented generation (RAG), embeddings, and agents. We will also use Amazon Q Developer to assist in coding and debugging. You will be provided an AWS account to go through this workshop. Some familiarity with writing Python code is helpful. "

Banjo Obayomi

Banjo is a Senior Developer Advocate at AWS, where he helps builders get excited about building projects. Banjo is passionate about building with generative AI and has started a meetup, newsletter and open-source projects. When not building the next big thing, Banjo likes to relax by playing video games especially JRPGs and exploring events happening around him.

Banjo Obayomi
Banjo ObayomiSenior Developer Advocate

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