Thierry Moreau & Pedro Torruella - LLM Quality Optimization Bootcamp


Lunch & Learn: Want to unlock the full potential of your LLM applications? In this session you'll learn essential LLM quality optimization techniques for custom behavior, reliability and accuracy. We'll pack a ton into the hour, including:

Level 1: Learn prompt engineering to master LLMs for summarization and format responses in structured JSON for seamless downstream use. Level 2: Discover how retrieval augmented generation tackles hallucinations in real-world LLM applications. Level 3: Explore fine-tuning techniques to close quality gaps, especially in classification, and unlock cost savings by replacing pricey proprietary models with affordable open-source LLMs.

Thierry Moreau

Thierry Moreau (University of Washington Ph.D.) is a co-founder of OctoAI and firm believer in open source, and spends his time to educating people on how to build more efficient and safer AI systems as OctoAI’s head of DevRel

Thierry Moreau
Thierry MoreauCo-Founder

Pedro Torruella

Pedro Torruella is a Senior DevRel Engineer at OctoAI. Pedro started his engineering career in Real Time Video Processing. He has implemented algorithms in both hardware and software, coordinated and led multinational teams, and founded his own startup. He shines on making the bridge between tech and people, and currently focuses on helping others use AI to create products that users love.

Pedro Torruella
Pedro TorruellaStaff DevRel Engineer

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