Dave Burnison, Alex Malebranche , Dimitrios Philliou & Christina Warren - GitHub Copilot - The World’s Most Widely Adopted AI Developer Tool (Repeat)


CodeGen & Dev Tools: GitHub Copilot was introduced as “Your AI pair programmer” in January of 2021. Since then, we have been adding more and more capabilities to increase developer productivity and happiness. We’ve gone from simply leveraging AI to generate code to explaining existing code, generating unit tests, propose fixes for bugs, making code robust / secure, summarizing pull requests, having conversations tailored to your organization’s repositories, providing answers to your questions based on your organization’s knowledge base and so much more! Let's explore how to get started with GitHub Copilot, its ever growing list of capabilities, and how to make the most out of the tool.

As long as you have a web browser that can access public repositories on GitHub.com then you have all you need. To interact with GitHub Copilot we will be using GitHub Codespaces which you can connect to via a web browser.


Dave Burnison

Dave is a Senior DevOps Advocate on the GitHub & Azure DevOps Teams. He is very passionate about DevOps and application modernization. He is a link between the product group and customers. Dave has worked in the software development industry his entire career. Having worked for both startups and large companies, his strength is his view and knowledge of the overall software development lifecycle paired with technical skills which allow him to manage DevOps culture, processes & tools that enable software development teams to become as innovative, efficient and productive as possible.

Dave Burnison
Dave BurnisonSenior Developer Advocate

Alex Malebranche

Alex Malebranche
Alex Malebranche Global Engagement Lead

Dimitrios Philliou

Dimitrios Philliou
Dimitrios PhilliouProduct Manager

Christina Warren

Christina Warren
Christina WarrenSenior Developer Advocate

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