Vasek Mlejnsky - How to add secure code interpreting in your AI app

YBB Nob Hill

In this workshop, I'll show you how to add secure AI code execution that supports any LLM in your AI app using E2B. AI-powered code execution improves reasoning of LLMs and allows you to build AI-based dashboards where users can chat with their data, generative UI, or coding agents like Devin.

Vasek Mlejnsky

"Vasek is building cloud for AI agents. He is the CEO of, a 100% open-source cloud runtime for AI agents, that he co-founded with his high-school friend Tom. They have been building dev tools together before. E2B has customers from various fields, from bioinformatics, through programming and data analysis, to a big American sport organization. Vasek has always been a big fan of startups - when he needs recharge he rewatches an episode of Silicon Valley Series. He is excited about any new dev tool, and he also relaxes running or playing tennis."

Vasek Mlejnsky
Vasek MlejnskyCEO

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