Damien Murphy - Building & Scaling an AI Agent Swarm of low latency real time voice bots!

YBB Salons 2 - 6

Multimodality: AI Agents are becoming more powerful at a rapid pace! In this talk you will learn best practices and considerations to think about when building your AI Agent Swarm. All aspects from low latency Speech to Text, Large Language Model RAG and Fine Tuning and Text to Speech. I will share open source code for how to build an AI Agent you can talk to with sub second latency end to end! You will learn how you can scale your AI Agents to handle 1000s or millions of concurrent conversations.

Damien Murphy

Full stack developer and solutions engineer working with customers, focused on realizing business value from low latency real time AI

Damien Murphy
Damien MurphySenior Applied Engineer

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