AI Engineer

October 8 - 10 • San Francisco

Physicists had Solvay.

AI Engineers have

Every 100 years, a new discipline goes #foom. Physics had its moment in the 1900s, and AI will define the 2000s. We're bringing together the Einsteins and Curies of our age. Join us.

Featuring talks from speakers representing leading AI companies & technologies

  • Github
  • OpenAI
  • Fixie
  • Amazon
  • LangChain
  • Llama Index
  • Vercel
  • Notion

Stage content from world-renowned engineers & founders

Let's dive deep into the topics of highest relevance to AI Engineers including AI Agents, AI UX, AI Infra, AI Devtools and Codegen, LLMops, RAG/Vector DBs, Open Source AI, Multimodal APIs, & more


  • Anders Hejlsberg

    Anders Hejlsberg

    Technical Fellow, Microsoft; Creator of TS & C#

  • Matt Welsh

    Matt Welsh

    Chief Architect & Co-Founder,

  • Abi Aryan

    Abi Aryan

    ML Engineer in Research & O'Reilly Author

  • Toran Bruce Richards

    Toran Bruce Richards

    Inventor, AutoGPT

  • Logan Kilpatrick

    Logan Kilpatrick

    Developer Relations, OpenAI

  • Mario Rodriguez

    Mario Rodriguez

    VP of Product, GitHub

  • Jared Palmer

    Jared Palmer

    VP of Product, AI, Vercel

  • Shreya Rajpal

    Shreya Rajpal

    Founder, Guardrails AI

  • Harrison Chase

    Harrison Chase

    Co-founder & CEO, Langchain

  • Jerry Liu

    Jerry Liu

    Co-founder & CEO, LlamaIndex

  • Brittany Walker

    Brittany Walker

    Principal, CRV

  • Eugene Yan

    Eugene Yan

    Senior Applied Scientist, Amazon

  • Anton Troynikov

    Anton Troynikov

    Co-founder, Chroma

  • Amelia Wattenberger

    Amelia Wattenberger

    Design, Adept

  • Jason Liu

    Jason Liu

    Founder, Fivesixseven

  • Linus Lee

    Linus Lee

    AI Lead, Notion

  • Mithun Hunsur

    Mithun Hunsur

    Senior Engineer, Ambient

  • swyx


    Editor, Latent.Space

  • Flo Crivello

    Flo Crivello

    Founder & CEO, Lindy

  • Joseph Nelson

    Joseph Nelson

    Co-founder & CEO, Roboflow

  • Samantha Whitmore

    Samantha Whitmore

    Co-founder, New Computer

  • Jason Yuan

    Jason Yuan

    Co-founder, New Computer

  • Michele Catasta

    Michele Catasta

    VP of AI, Replit

  • Bryan Bischof

    Bryan Bischof

    Head of AI, Hex

  • Chris White

    Chris White

    CTO, Prefect

  • Paul Copplestone

    Paul Copplestone

    CEO, Supabase

  • Dedy Kredo

    Dedy Kredo

    Co-Founder and CPO at CodiumAI

  • Simon Willison

    Simon Willison

    Creator, Datasette; Co-creator, Django

In numbers, there's probably going to be significantly more AI Engineers than there are ML engineers / LLM engineers. One can be quite successful in this role without ever training anything.

Andrej Karpathy

Andrej Karpathy, OpenAI

Program Features - What happens when you bring together the world's top AI Engineers?

A collective output as groundbreaking as the technologies upon which we meet, driven by end-to-end program curation and network facilitation:

  • Stage talks. We've hand-selected a group of engineers & founders who are leading this exciting new chapter in AI-enhanced & AI-native software engineering, products, & companies. Our careful curation is meant to ensure that you will be both informed and excited about returning to your office to implement the future, today.
  • Hands-on, in-depth workshops. We've assembled a team of top engineers who build with the technologies they're teaching every day. From core-contributors and maintainers to senior engineers and founders, you'll learn in hours what they've have mastered over years.
  • Sponsors leading their industry categories. We've invited many of the best and most exciting companies who are pushing the boundaries in support of the fast-emerging AI Engineer category. Staffed by senior engineers & founders, each booth will provide you with insight and new capabilities to improve both your developer stack and your end-user experience.
  • Ad-hoc breakout sessions. Need a whiteboard to workshop with your peers? Want to connect to a monitor to present something you've been working on? Enjoy breakout space dedicated for workshopping or presenting ideas and projects, and plenty of quieter space for more intimate meetings.
  • Unrivaled networking & connections. We are curating attendance to ensure that every conversation you have is better than the last. Every attendee will be senior engineers or above who are actively working with or experimenting with AI technologies to enhance their software development and development output.

The AI Engineer Expo

From foundation models to domain-specific products & services, the Expo is your chance to meet some of the best engineers in our industry, working on the most cutting-edge technologies that empower product teams and developers like you.

  • Autogpt
  • Fixie
  • Supabase
  • Microsoft
  • GitHub
  • LlamaIndex
  • Sourcegraph
  • Airbyte
  • DataStax
  • Codium
  • Replit
  • Fal
  • Cloudflare
  • Wb
  • Deepset
  • Twilio
  • Speakeasy

A bespoke experience - Program Overview

We've designed & curated a program to provide you with maximum value, intrigue, and fun. Here's the high level overview of the main content:

Welcome Reception

Join other attendees from 6:00 - 9:00pm in the hotel lobby, Kan Pai lounge & bar, and Feinstein's club for a welcome reception you won't forget! Register early and grab a cocktail or mocktail to meet other attendees in open + facilitated networking.


Full attendees can select from 4 on-site workshops taking place concurrently on Monday morning, Oct 9, from 9:00am - 2:00pm. They are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Full attendees + public can register for offsite workshops on Wednesday, Oct 11. Times & lengths vary. Prices vary. See all current workshops here, more to be announced soon.

Main program & expo

  • Day 1. We open the stage talks at 4:00pm on Monday, Oct 9. This follows 2 hours of networking & expo at the conclusion of the workshops. Keynotes continue until 6:00pm, at which time we'll have open networking, topic tables, expo, and plenty of food & drinks.
  • Day 2. Full day of talks from 10:00am - 5:00pm. With plenty of breaks + an onsite lunch & afterparty, you'll have plenty of time to discuss the stage topics with exhibitors & your fellow attendees.
  • Expo. The expo opens at 10:00am on Monday, Oct 9 for all attendees, and closes at 7:00pm on Tuesday, Oct 10. Come and speak with the top companies who are driving & supporting the ecosystem that directly enables & empowers AI Engineers.

Venue & Hotel - Hotel Nikko

Just steps from the historic Powell St Cable Car turnaround & BART station is the beautiful & independent, Japanese-owned & operated Hotel Nikko. Stay in comfortable, spacious rooms for a discounted group rate of $229/night, and enjoy modern amenities including gym, indoor pool, and onsite restaurants and bars.

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Hotel Nikko


We’ve carefully curated a sponsor expo & non-exhibiting sponsors who are relevant, interesting, and pushing the boundaries of the AI Engineering ecosystem. These are the companies that are building & innovating with AI — from Devtools & Infra to Vector DBs and Models. Learn more about each of the companies by clicking on their logo below, and meet & discuss with their founders & engineering representatives at the summit to learn how they can help you take your company, product, and internal processes to unparalleled heights.

Presenting Sponsor


AutoGPT stands at the cutting edge of artificial intelligence, leveraging the capabilities of large language models to refine what's possible in the field. AutoGPT is creating a world where everyone, from a solo entrepreneur to corporate giants, has the same cutting edge resources at their disposal. For developers, the ecosystem removes routine complexities, focusing on the core task of intelligent system design. AutoGPT also sets a new standard in AI performance assessment, offering automated, objective metrics that drive innovation across multiple dimensions. For end-users, AutoGPT delivers an intuitive interface that makes complex tasks accessible without sacrificing depth or functionality. This holistic approach puts AutoGPT on a unique trajectory that aligns seamlessly with the long-term objective of achieving safe AGI.

Diamond Sponsors

  • Fixie
    Fixie is the world’s leading platform for building conversational AI Sidekicks that are integrated directly into any website or app. Using Fixie makes it easy to build rich, interactive AI-powered experiences that can answer questions, access static and live data, and take action by calling external APIs. Fixie is powered by the open source AI.JSX framework, which brings powerful, compositional AI features to the JavaScript ecosystem. Fixie applications can support generative UI, in which custom user interfaces are generated dynamically, by the LLM, for the task at hand. Check out the Fixie platform at and AI.JSX at
  • Supabase

    Supabase is an open-source database platform providing a set of tools for building scalable web and mobile applications using a Postgres database. Supabase was the first platform to offer pgvector, extending Postgres with vector capabilities. Thousands of vector databases are launched on the Supabase platform every week, powering apps with millions of users.

Gold Sponsors

  • GitHub
  • LlamaIndex
  • Sourcegraph
  • Airbyte
  • Codium
  • Replit
  • DataStax
  • Fal
  • Microsoft
  • Cloudflare
  • Wb

Silver Sponsors

  • Deepset
  • Twilio
  • Speakeasy

Community Sponsors

  • Vercel
  • Ben's Bites
  • Valor
  • Nea
  • CNCF
  • HumanSignal


  • O'Reilly
  • The New Stack
  • Cooperpress

Organizing Partner


For the first time in decades, a new kind of software engineer is emerging and this is the conference to explore it.

Amjad Masad

Amjad Masad, Founder & CEO, Replit